By interacting with PCD , you agree to our private business policies

Shipping and delivery policy

  • The computer is installed and equipped within 3 to 7 working days (Friday vacation) from receiving the payment and money transfers are confirmed within 48 hours After that, the order is delivered to the shipping company SMSA, which makes the delivery process from 2 to 3 working days in case there is no emergency or accidental problem with the shipping company
  • PCD is not responsible for the computers after they are delivered to the shipping company, whether for delayed shipments or damage
  • All shipments go out with the shipping company without insurance, which means that the highest amount that the shipping company will pay to the customer is 375 riyals in case of damage, whatever its value.
  • If the customer wants to insure the shipment, he will pay the shipping company via PCD an additional 3% of the shipment value (non-refundable)
  • PCD is not responsible for the damages that occur to the shipment or the computer due to shipping, and the customer must verify the shipment before signing to receive it and not receive it if it is damaged.
  • If the customer discovers any damage in the shipment after receiving it, he can file a compensation claim against the shipping company and not PCD, provided that this is within 24 hours according to the policy of the carrier company – and the customer must file a complaint by calling SMSA to the free number 920009999
  • All parts sent to our customers are sealed with factory packaging and confirmation is made through a permanent examination by the department responsible for shipping.

Pick-up and Delivery Policy

  • The advantage of free shipping to and from the customer (for devices or parts) that are within the warranty provided that the defect is manufacturers (hardware) and not misuse or a software problem.
  • If the customer has a problem with the software or wants to do a general inspection that is not covered by the warranty, we offer a shipping service (through SMSA) from the customer to PCD and back at a reduced price of 70 riyals.
  • The customer must put the piece or device in its original carton, and the packaging must be safe in order to preserve the integrity of the piece/device. Any damage during shipment PCD will not be responsible for.
  • After receiving the request, the customer must review the parts and ensure that they conform to the required specifications within 48 hours.
  • PCD has the right to change the request without referring to the customer, provided that this change is for the better, such as placing a better graphics card, a faster screen in frequency, or a higher class processor, even if the product company changes, such as placing asus instead of palet in the graphics cards, for example.

Software Policy

  • Windows 10 Pro with genuine key will be installed if it is included in the required offer
  • The activation code for Windows is valid to activate the computer only once, in case the customer made the formatting, and he will not be able to activate again
  • PCD is not responsible for any problems or errors that appear in the software (software) after 24 hours of receiving the computer.
  • All free software and games that are installed on the computer are not under warranty or technical support, and we are not responsible for their activation.
  • PCD is not an educational body, so we do not provide educational services, training or explanations.

Technical support policy

  • Technical support is provided via whatsapp only
  • The technical support team determines through communication if the malfunction is software or hardware
  • The technical support team on the site will guide the customer to the correct procedure

Document and billing policy:

  • The invoice is sent via email unless the customer requests otherwise (please make sure that the email is entered correctly, so that the bill will be sent after confirming the request). In the case of a request from one of the delegates, please provide the seller with the email and the correct data to send the invoice.
  • No printed invoice is approved without the institution’s stamp.
  • All correspondence and correspondence of PCD are issued in official papers.
  • No copy of printed invoices is kept.

Shipping, delivery and damages policy

  • The customer receives his computer from the office or the nearest distribution point to the customer’s address
  • Shipping with SMSA Express (FedEx) and often arrives within 2-3 working days inside the Kingdom (Friday vacation)
  • Shipments will be delivered to the shipping company at 4:00PM except for Friday
  • The shipment can be tracked through the company website
  • PCD is not responsible for the breakage caused by the shipping company and therefore the customer must file a complaint with the carrier company. And he filed a complaint in the Saudi Post against the carrier company
  • The computer is fully prepared, tested and commissioned before sending to the customer

Price policy, payment and cancellation of orders

  • Quotations for specific customers for 48 hours only
  • We are not bound by any expired bid (ad), whether the quantity expires or the date of the offer
  • PCD provides multiple means of payment, electronically via the website or by bank transfer on one of the approved accounts
  • No invoice will be approved unless the customer completes the value of the invoice .. The down payment system can only be applied for special cases
  • The customer cannot receive the computer before completing the amount
  • The computer is not retrieved after receiving it
  • The customer will be deducted 500 riyals in the event of canceling the order after the installation process and 600riyals after installation and shipping
  • In the event that the parts order is canceled after completing the shipment, the shipping fees will be deducted back and forth for the customer Deducted 2.5% of the paid value of occupancy and service fees in the event of canceling the order (computer or parts).
  • The customer shall be returned within 7 working days

Business and communication policy

  • The official working time of the showroom is 10 am to 7 pm
  • Friday (vacation)
  • Communication with sales is through live chat on the site from 12:00 noon until 11:00 pm
  • The technical support team is contacted through WhatsApp. The response will be between 12:00 pm and 9:00 pm
  • Contact the administration via email: [email protected]
  • You must contact the same number registered in PCD’s databases to obtain technical support, or a second number approval request must be sent from the same number for communication.

Warranty and return policy

  • Returning the computer for any reason is prohibited, and faulty parts are to be replaced by the dealer
  • According to the instructions of the Ministry of Commerce, all parts in the warranty are subject to the (consumption value) policy
  • The guarantor is the agent, not PCD
  • Shipping to the agent inside or outside Saudi Arabia at the expense of the customer
  • The warranty period for most parts is two years for defects in hardware
  • If the serial number is removed from the item cover and warranty sticker, we will not be able to cover the costs of the repair. Please ensure that the serial number has not been tampered with or removed. If this happens, we will not be able to serve you
  • We cannot serve you if the original cartons of the product, especially the monitors cartons, are not available
  • The warranty is for workmanship defects only and does not cover other faults such as breakages or damages resulting from misuse
  • The warranty will not apply to any damages caused by (use of incompatible accessories – failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • The warranty is void in the event that the computer box is opened without technical support approval or the silver insurance sticker is removed from the back of the computer
  • The warranty is considered to be absent if the product is used incorrectly, such as overclocking the processor, graphics card, overheating, or downloading dangerous programs.
  • We will inspect any part before sending it to the agent to make sure that the problem is caused by a manufacturing error.
    Attempting to maintain the product at any maintenance center that is not approved by the agent will cancel the product warranty
  • During the warranty period, you can service the item every time your item needs maintenance.
  • There is no warranty extension option available from any third party other than a PCD
  • The customer will pay all shipping fees in case of guarantee (receipt and delivery, the value of which is 70 riyals)
    If a problem appears with the computer within 72 hours of receiving it, PCD will bear the shipping costs to and from the customer
  • The maximum period of maintenance is 14 days from the date the agent received the item and not from the date PCD received it
  • The warranty does not include the data .. The warranty only includes the hardware
    Guarantee of free gifts provided by a PCD (such as accessories). One-week operational guarantee
  • Any product purchased from the store is non-refundable unless:
    • That the piece or pieces are within its original packaging and have not been disassembled or used.
    • That there is a technical or manufacturing defect in the piece, and in this case it is transferred to the warranty department for replacement or return after confirming the existence of the defect within the terms of the product warranty.
  • The use of cards in mining is illegal, and the card failure is classified (misuse)
  • Guarantee for monitors : This product is considered very sensitive and may be damaged during shipment. Therefore, we advise our valued customers to insure their shipment that includes a monitor. It is forbidden to cancel the order and return the monitor if it has been shipped.
  • Chairs and desks guarantee: These products are considered consumables, so the guarantee is a comprehensive guarantee within the first 72 hours (the customer inspects the piece if there is any shortage or any problem in the work of the chair, the customer has the right to replace the product directly). After that, the guarantee will be according to the table shown below:



Chairs: One year warranty on hydraulics only

The guarantee does not include fractures or cutting of the skin

Tables: Operational guarantee for a week.


A two-year warranty that includes poor manufacturing and does not cover fractures or skin cuts


Chairs: two years, with the exception of R1 chairs, the warranty is one year.

Tables: The warranty is two years, except for the mousepad that comes with the table.


Chairs: A one-year warranty on the leather that it is intact, and the tires, if there is a defect in rotation, does not include breaking or cutting the leather.

Tables: Warranty if there is any missing piece or a manufacturing defect for a period of one week from the date of purchase.


A two-year warranty that includes poor manufacturing and does not cover fractures or skin cuts


  • PCD does not guarantee that the products displayed on the site will work on other devices such as Playstation or Xbox
    And the specifications of each product are compatible with computers only
  • Products that do not have an agent in Saudi Arabia need 40 to 60 days for maintenance and warranty.
  • The customer bears the value of shipping costs in the event of maintenance for products that do not have an agent in Saudi Arabia
  • We note that the only reference for determining the warranty of parts is PCD, so our valued customers must send the parts or device that suffers from any problem to the company exclusively. Note that we are not responsible for any error that occurs as a result of anyone other than our maintenance crew tampering with the piece or device.

Maintenance center policy

  • PCD is not responsible for any files, data, or programs on the device, and we do not bear responsibility for the loss of any of them.
  • The customer will be contacted within 48 hours to inform him of the results of the inspection and maintenance required for his device and the expected maintenance cost, so that the customer’s approval will be obtained before maintenance is performed on the device.
  • The customer must pay the maintenance cost before receiving the device, or pay the inspection cost if he does not want to complete the maintenance.
  • The warranty is three days and does not include misuse, problems with the power supply, battery, programs installed by the customer, or the Internet.
  • PCD does not fall under the responsibility of any device that remains more than 14 days after the end of the maintenance procedure for it and the customer did not come to receive it.
  • You will receive a WhatsApp message on your mobile after completing the maintenance of your device.PCD is not responsible for the customer losing the warranty for his device due to opening the device for maintenance, based on the customer’s request to perform maintenance for his device.

Important Notices:

1- The computer must be wrapped in its original carton and to ensure proper packaging
2- We are not responsible for bad packaging or computer damage due to shipping, God forbid.
3- In the event that the item is subjected to bad shipping (broken), we will notify the customer directly to file a claim against the shipping company
4- The warranty does not include any broken piece.
5- These observations may result in a delay in the service of receiving and delivering the computer to you