Your interaction with a PC DOCTOR means you agree to your own business policies

Shipping & Delivery Policy

  • The Pcs are prepared and delivered to the shipping company within 9-12 working days.

(Dear customer, due to the Quarantine, you will face delay in delivery of orders by the shipping companies, everyone changes his best effort, we must cooperate together)

  • Pc doctor is not responsible for the devices delivered to the shipping company either in delaying shipments or damages
  • All shipments come out with the shipping company without insurance, which means that the highest amount to be paid by the shipping company to the customer is 375 in case of damage, whatever its value.
  • If the customer wishes to insure the shipment, he will pay the shipping company by the Pc Doctor an additional 2.5% of the value of the shipment (not refundable)
  • Pc doctor is not responsible for damage to the shipment or device due to shipping, and the customer must verify the shipment before signing the receipt and not receive it in case it is damaged.
  • If the customer discovers any damage in the shipment, he may file a claim for compensation with the shipping company and not with the Pc Doctor within 24 hours according to the carrier’s policy.

Receiving equipment

The Pc Doctor is obliged to receive the equipment on his account which reaches the customer and shows the defect within 3 days
If the hardware problem appears after the third day, we are not required to receive the device at our expense.
We offer shipping service from customer to doctor computer worth 70 SAR Receipt and delivery are transferred to our account.
We are not responsible for any errors or damages caused by shipping, whether in the transmission or receipt
Technical Support Policy:
* Provides technical support via the site only
* Technical support team determines through communication if the software or hardware holidays

Software Policy (Software)

Windows 10 installation is genuine if it is included in the required offer
Activation code for Windows is valid for activation of the device only once in the case of the customer Furmat will not be able to activate again
A Pc Doctor is not responsible for any problems or errors that appear in software (software) 24 hours after the receipt of the device.
All software and free games that are installed in the device are not under warranty or technical support and we are not responsible for activation.
A Pc Doctor is not an educational institution so we provide educational services, training or explanations.

Technical Support Policy

Technical support is provided through the site only
Technical support team determines through communication if the software or hardware holidays
The site’s technical support team will direct the customer to the correct action

Document Policy:

The invoice will be sent by email unless otherwise requested by the customer (please make sure that the email is entered correctly so that the invoice will be sent after confirmation of the order).
No printed invoice is approved without the institution’s stamp.
All communications and correspondence of the Pc Doctor are issued in official papers.
No copy of the printed invoices is retained.

Shipping & Delivery

Q / How long did the device receive?
C / 5-8 working days including installation, programming, testing and shipping (unless we have a problem)

Q / Is shipping to the door of the house?
C. The client usually receives his machine from the office but the customer can request the shipment at home by calling the carrier 920009999

Q / With which company are you shipping?
A / C free shipping with Samsa Express (FedEx) will usually arrive within 2-3 business days within the Kingdom (Friday Vacation)
Shipments are exported at 9:00 pm
Shipment can be tracked through the company website

Q / What happens in the case of the breakage caused by the shipping company?
C) The Pc Doctor is not responsible for the breakage caused by the shipping company and therefore the customer must file a complaint with the carrier.

Q / Are the cartons shipped with the device and are all the pieces new?
C / Yes

Q / Is the device ready to work?
C / Yes The device is fully equipped, tested and operated before sending.

Prices, payment and quotations

Q / Is the bid (custom) fixed or changing?
C) Offers prices for specific customers for only 48 hours
Q / Is the Pc Doctor obliged to provide old offers (ending) at the same price
(C) We are not included in any bid (expiry) whether the quantity or date of the offer has expired
Q / What are the payment methods?
C / Payment bank transfer on one of the approved accounts
Al Rajhi Basim (Pc Doctor)
Or personal accounts in the name of Khaled Saleh Aldabian
Q / How is the payment system?
A deposit of 30% of the value of the device to process the order and the rest is completed to be shipped and the customer delivered the tracking number
Q / Can I receive the device before completing the amount?
Customer can not receive the device before the payment is completed
Q / Can I cancel my order?
The amount is not refunded after the device is installed or received
Q: Can I return the deposit?
C) The deposit will be returned to the customer within 3 working days provided that the payment period does not exceed 7 days

Working Time

What is the working time?
Official working time
Morning 9:30 to 12:00
Evening from 4:30 until 11:00
Friday (vacation)
The WTSAB service is unrestricted at the working time
Please take the time to contact you

Q / Where is your headquarters? Do you have branches?
We are in Qassim – Ras
We have no branches 0163399555

Q: How do I communicate with management?
C / through e-mail
[email protected]


The most common questions about warranty
** Who is the guarantor?
– The guarantor is the agent and not the Pc Doctor
** What is the warranty period?
– Two years on manufacturing defects of Hardware
** Serial number removed from packaging of item, what to do?
– If the serial number for the item is removed, we will not be able to cover the repair costs. Please make sure you do not tamper with or remove the serial number. If this happens, we will not be able to serve you
** Do you need to keep the original products?
– Yeah . It is not possible to serve you if the original balls are not available
** Does the warranty include any kind of damage resulting from non-workmanship defects such as fractures or damage resulting from misuse?
– Unfortunately . Warranty is for workmanship only
Warranty will not apply for any damages caused by:
Use accessories not compatible with the item.
Do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions
Workmanship strikes and fractures
Or use the spacers in an incorrect way such as breaking the processor speed or screen card
We will check any pieces before sending them to the agent to make sure that the problem is caused by manufacturing error.
** Can I maintain the products in any maintenance shop?
– The attempt to maintain the products at any maintenance center not supported by the agent cancels the warranty for the product
** How many times can I send the item to maintenance during warranty?
– During the warranty, you can maintain the item every time you need your maintenance.
** The item you bought is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Can the warranty be extended?
– No warranty extension option is available from any third party