Shipping and delivery policy

  • The computer is installed and equipped within 3 to 7 working days (Friday vacation) from receiving the payment and money transfers are confirmed within 48 hours After that, the order is delivered to the shipping company SMSA, which makes the delivery process from 2 to 3 working days in case there is no emergency or accidental problem with the shipping company
  • PCD is not responsible for the computers after they are delivered to the shipping company, whether for delayed shipments or damage
  • All shipments go out with the shipping company without insurance, which means that the highest amount that the shipping company will pay to the customer is 375 riyals in case of damage, whatever its value.
  • If the customer wants to insure the shipment, he will pay the shipping company via PCD an additional 3% of the shipment value (non-refundable)
  • PCD is not responsible for the damages that occur to the shipment or the computer due to shipping, and the customer must verify the shipment before signing to receive it and not receive it if it is damaged.
  • If the customer discovers any damage in the shipment after receiving it, he can file a compensation claim against the shipping company and not PCD, provided that this is within 24 hours according to the policy of the carrier company – and the customer must file a complaint by calling SMSA to the free number 920009999
  • All parts sent to our customers are sealed with factory packaging and confirmation is made through a permanent examination by the department responsible for shipping.