ASUS TUF K5 Mechanical Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard with Programmable Onboard Memory, Media Controls and Aura Sync RGB Lighting


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  • مفاتيح تبديل الغشاء الميكانيكي (الغشاء) توفر نقرات واضحة وملموسة مع لمسة هادئة ومبطنة
  • 100 ٪ لمكافحة الظلال ، التمديد على 24 مفتاح ، والذاكرة لتسجيل الماكرو على الفور قابلة للبرمجة بالكامل
  • طلاء متخصص ومقاومة للانسكاب لضمان المتانة الممتدة
  • عناصر تحكم الوسائط المتكاملة تبقي يديك على لوحة المفاتيح أثناء جلسات الألعاب المكثفة
  • تتميز إضاءة ASUS Aura Sync RGB بطيف لا ينتهي من الألوان مع إمكانية مزامنة التأثيرات عبر نظام بيئي دائم التوسع للمنتجات التي تدعم AURA Sync


TUF asus gaming k5

TUF Gaming Mech-Brane Switches

TUF Gaming K5 debuts Mech-Brane switches that deliver a new gaming sensation: crisp, tactile clicks coupled with a quiet and soft cushioned touch. A 3.7mm travel distance offer swift and responsive actuations, while anti-ghosting and 24-key rollover ensures actions are reliably registered.

TUF asus gaming k5

Specialized Coating with Spill-Resistance

Its outer shell features a specialized coating that’s fortified to withstand a battery of more than 10 stringent abrasion, friction, and perspiration tests. And spill-resistance up to 60ml ensures that accidents with cans or cups won’t kill the action.

Asus TUF gaming k5

Aura Sync RGB Lighting

Aura Sync gives you the freedom to personalize TUF Gaming K5 across five individually customizable zones, using the entire color spectrum and various lighting effects. Large-font keycaps let more light through and the illumination is easily synchronized with the extensive Aura Sync ecosystem.

Asus TUF gaming k5

Dedicated Media Keys

Control your audio without being distracted from the game. Dedicated media keys positioned on the upper left allow you to easily adjust volume using your keyboard hand, without ever lifting your trigger finger off the mouse.

asus tuf gaming k5

Fully Programmable with Onboard Memory

TUF Gaming K5 features fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording support so you can configure your keyboard for personalized play. And onboard memory lets you take your keyboard on the road and have your settings available wherever you go.

asus tuf gaming k5

Ergonomic Wrist Rest and Adjustable Legs

With adjustable legs that provide two height positions and an integrated wrist rest, TUF Gaming K5 is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort.

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ASUS TUF K5 Mechanical Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard with Programmable Onboard Memory, Media Controls and Aura Sync RGB Lighting