A new way to shop now and pay in installments in 4 installments

Buy now and divide your purchases into 4 payments, to be divided as a down payment upon completion of the order, and the rest in 3 monthly installments.

What is Tabby?

  • A new way to pay without using a credit card. All you need is your ID card

  • Tabby gives you the freedom to pay in monthly installments

  • You will know exactly what you will need to pay and when.

How to use

1 / Add the products you like to your cart and go to the checkout page as usual

2 / Tabby gives you freedom to pay in monthly installments.

3 / Complete the purchase process.


Tabby services are available to any citizen and resident of Saudi Arabia or the UAE, over the age of 18.

You can get credit balance on tabby up to 3500 riyals. The available balance depends on several factors such as the type of products you buy through TAPI, the stores you buy from and your buying habits with TAPI.

very simple. You shop normally and when you reach the purchase / payment page, you choose in installments with Tabby and during your purchase process you will pay Down payment upon completion of the application and the rest in 3 monthly installments

You can use tabby for purchases between 100 riyals and 3500 riyals.

Tabby accepts all credit and bank cards (mada).

This could be due to one of these reasons

  • We were unable to verify your identity

  • You have not filled out any of the required fields such as the complete delivery address

  • You have past payments owed that you haven’t made

Tabby encourages responsible exchange habits so every purchase is reviewed prior to approval. You will receive periodic messages before the due dates of your payments, to remind you to pay on time. If you cannot collect the amounts due on the day the payment is due, you will not be able to make further purchases until your late payments are paid. A delay fee of 15 riyals will be added 15 days after you receive the order. In the event that you are late in payment for an additional two weeks, an additional delay fee of 30 riyals will be applied, and after 4 weeks have passed from the payment date, a delay fee of 60 riyals will be applied.

You have to pay down payment in the PCD to confirm your order. As for the remaining three payments, they are paid over 3 months for Tabby via the Tabby app for iOS and Android devices.

Download the Tabby app on your mobile phone and log in with the same number that you used to purchase on PCD. Tabby will show you your remaining purchases and installments. You can add any credit or debit card to the Tapi app and start paying in monthly installments.

Yes, if you paid by credit card (Visa / MasterCard). In the event that you pay with a mada card, we will send you a text message before the payment date to make the payment via your Tabby account.

The process of order cancellation is subject to the policy of the seller company (PCD)

  • The computer is not retrieved after receiving it.
  • The customer will be deducted 500 riyals in the event of canceling the order after the installation process and 600riyals after installation and shipping.
  • In the event that the parts order is canceled after completing the shipment, the shipping fees will be deducted back and forth for the customer Deducted 2.5% of the paid value of occupancy and service fees in the event of canceling the order (computer or parts).
  • The customer shall be returned within 7 working days.
  • The refund process to card will be from Tabby.