GAMDIAS Responsive Lighting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Demeter E2 Optical Mouse and NYX E1 Mouse Mat (HERMES E1)

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  • GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Switches- Built around GAMDIAS certified mechanical switches with the crisp, tactile feel responsiveness and consistency. Deliver a unique unfair gaming advantage
  • Play Macro via FN+G1/G2- On the lift FN function key can easily perform your recorded macro by G1/G2 combination
  • 256K Built-in Memory- 256K built-in memory stores up to 6 profiles settings, unlimited on-the-fly macro key settings and voice recorded keys
  • Anti-ghosting with 21-keys Rollover- Supports 21-keys work simultaneously no matter how fast your play, all your key presses register
  • HERA Software- Download and run HERA software to customize your gaming experience


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